The parliament

- What do you mean ... "adopted a package of bills"? - hissed the Emperor. - I had to isolate politically troubled contingent from society and reassure the people, but I wasn’t going to create Bills. Moreover, on a package of Bills! When I agreed to be drawn into this adventure with a parliamentary monarchy, what the order was?

- There were three conditions, Your Majesty. Make sure there won’t be a fraction, which would have more than a third of seats ... Done, in the best possible way.

- Go on.

- Every six months, someone must threat to leave the coalition or claim the vote of non-confidence on the Government ...

- We are ok with it, I know.

- At least half of the deputies must be at least twice divorced or unmarried for two years and more ... Here are the statistics, we have fifty-seven percent of these.

- What a hell happened, and people, most of whom is not able to get along even with one person, could arrange something?

- Your Majesty, the package concerns parliamentary privileges. Increased salary, free travel, pension, state park ... Here, look.

The Emperor scanned the list:

- Ah ... Okay, then.

He put the signature in the proper place, and after a moment of reflection spoke again:
- They cost me more and more. Perhaps, I should cut funds for bribery. Who has the highest rates? Speaker? Arrange him a corruption scandal and the resignation with the deprivation of all benefits ... Even more: every six months, identify the person who takes the most of all, and arrange the same.


Translated by Svyatoslav Albireo, 2017

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